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Our Services and Treatments

Regular Lawn Treatments

Our standard treatment programme consists of six visits per year, every 8–10 weeks, to maintain a green and healthy lawn year-round. We use a combination of granular and spray treatments, and our plans are fully adaptable to suit different requirements.

As well as fertiliser and moss control treatments, we can also offer herbicide and fungicide treatments to treat any weeds and turf diseases in the lawn. 

A motorised sprayer for applying treatments, on a beautiful striped green lawn in a back garden.
Jonathan uses a mechanical aerator to open air channels into the lawn to improve its health and combat moss.

Lawn Renovations

Many customers contact us thinking that their lawn is beyond repair, and that it will need re-turfing. Whilst we’re happy to do this, we don’t find many lawns that can’t be salvaged with a renovation and treatment plan — generally at a fraction of the cost of new turf.

We can aerate and scarify lawns to improve drainage and allow air to circulate around the roots, as well as removing any buildup of moss and thatch. Following this with overseeding and regular lawn treatments can make a world of difference to a lawn you might otherwise be ready to write off!

We complete our renovations in the spring and autumn, so please contact us to get booked in for the next window.

Lawn Mowing

We offer lawn mowing services on a regular or one-off basis. We use our specially modified, professional mowers to leave a superior finish.


Regular mowing is essential for a healthy lawn, so if you’re struggling to keep on top of it then we can offer a flexible service to either take over the lawn maintenance completely, or provide a service that fits in around your existing mowing.


We can also provide mowing to cover holidays.

A beautiful large back garden with mature trees, and large lawn showing stripes from a diagonal cut.
A Chafer Grub
Step 1
Step 2

Chafer Grubs

We are seeing an increasing number of lawns with chafer grub damage. Adult chafer beetles lay their eggs on lawns, and once the grubs hatch they will bury their way into the lawn and feed off the grass roots. This weakens the lawn, and the damage is then made significantly worse by birds who will devastate the turf in search of the grubs.


In 2021 we have started using a new product which can eliminate the grubs and repair the lawn, without the need for re-turfing.


Whilst we like to work on the basis that most lawns can be repaired through the renovation and treatments process, there are occasions where turfing is more suitable.


In York, we’re lucky to be close to some of the leading turf providers in the country, allowing us to source a quality, fresh product to suit your requirements.

A new turfed lawn is being laid, with rolls of turf lying on prepared soil ready to be used.
Placeholder spray5-1024x920.jpeg

Other Services

We’re able to provide additional services to our lawn care customers, including hedge trimming, pressure washing, herbicide and biocide treatments to paving and driveways.

If you have a particular need, please feel free to contact us to see if we can help.

Sports Clubs

We can work alongside your groundskeeper to offer advice on treatments, mowing and general square and outfield maintenance.


We can undertake treatments and end of season renovations for your club, and we can also source fertiliser, grass seed, top dressing and loam at reasonable prices for you to complete the work in-house.

Looking over cricket stumps towards the far end, showing very short grassed pitch with grass around.
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